Main Objectives 




Legenda movilei lui Attila



Promoting tourism

Sports and leisure activities

  • Nautical leisure activities: recreational ride of motor boat on the Danube, water ski, kayak, banana, speedboat;
  • Paintball game; flying fox; Archery bow;
  • Cycling and mountainbike;
  • Horseback riding and carriage rides;
  • Soft-offroad jeep;
  • Mountaineering;
  • Sport fishing;
  • ATV.

Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors

Protecting the environment

Environmental Campaigns

  • “Spring Cleanup” campaign 2019;
  • World Environment Day;
  • Danube Day;
  • Raising awareness and informing the population in the Danube Gorge about environmental issues;
  • Berzasca – active community in the reduction of the causes of climate change;
  • ADMN young volunteers march for the preservation of the environment.  

Cultural and artistic projects and events

  • Participation in national and international fairs:  NGO FEST, International Tourism Fair TIB-ROMEXPO, International Tourism Fair ”Danube & Delta”, International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, International Tourism Fair in Berlin, etc.
  • Annual festive meetings of volunteers and the celebration of 10 years of existence of the Association
  • Mobility week in Moldova Noua

Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Projects promoting the Danube Gorge

Tourism promotion of the City of Moldova Noua

“Eco Tourism – a chance” – activities to promote four ecotourism routes in Moldova Noua and the surrounding areas of the city

 – in the amount of 10,000 euros over a 12-month period implemented in partnership with the Moldova Noua City Hall, through which activities will be organized to promote four ecotourism routes in Moldova Noua and the surrounding areas, the creation of an outdoor tourist information center for attracting eight groups of tourists!

The Conference “Regional Development Opportunities through Transport and Tourism”

– redefining the strategy for the development of the Danube Cluster through an integrated strategy with the Association ”Timișoara – European Capital of Culture 2021”

“Ostrov – the health oasis” – the realization of stalls with the needed facilities and a panel with the map of Ostrov  

 – in the amount of 10,000 euros over a period of 3 months, in implementation, in partnership with the Moldova Noua City Hall, which will organize ecological activities, the realization of tourist routes, stopping places with the needed equipment and a panel with the map of Ostrov.

“Raising awareness and informing the population of the Danube Gorge about environmental problems”

– in the amount of 363,432 lei over a period of 2 years financed by the Administration of the Environmental Fund, in the period 01.08.2011-01.08 2013. The project provides among others, the realization of information and awareness sessions of the students by organizing ecological camps, education for a clean nature.

“Contributions to the restoration of the habitat in the Coronini Moldova Noua area”  

 – in the amount of 5,000 euros over a 3-month period financed by the Alexandrion Foundation, in the period: 01.03.2011-01.09.2011 (six months), by which the City Hall was convinced not to arrange the mine dumps for leisure (tailings are toxic and radioactive), as well as the installation of prohibition panels for use as a recreational location (beach). It was also managed to convince the Moldova Noua mining company to rehabilitate the wastewater treatment plant to reduce the pollution of the area with tailings dust.

“Berzasca – active community in reducing the causes of climate change”

– in the amount of USD 71,000 over an 18-month period funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF SGP), the period: 01.01.2010-01.07.2011 (18 months) through which were financed a series of awareness seminars for the local authorities and the population regarding the uncontrolled waste as well as the reduction of pollution by the use of solar panels; actions have been organized for the greening of the Danube bank in the commune of Berzasca (collection of plastic, waste etc). Results obtained: after the greening of the area of Berzasca the public authorities have arranged a stopping place for tourists. Over 20 people set up solar panels, following the participation to the organized seminars, supported by specialists and teachers in the field.

Local Action Groups  

Since 2010 the Association Danube Moldova Noua has been a founding member of the Association Danube Cluster together with seven city halls (Berzasca, Coronini, Gîrnic, Sichevita, Eselniţa, Dubova, Sviniţa), the Administration of the Natural Park Iron Gates, ten NGOs (Danube Moldova Noua Association , Danube Gorge Dubova Tourism and Leisure Association, Speleological Explorers Association, Partnership for Development Sviniţa, Community Association of Eselnita Danube Gorge, Association of Caraş Aventure, Association of Caraş Severin Cattle Breeders, ARCS Turnu Severin, AS Bike Attak Resita, Union Democratic and the Czechs Moldova Noua branch) and six companies (SC Relumat RO SRL Moldova Nouă, Gernik Pension 100 / Agrotur Danubius, SC Romcasa Prod SRL, SC HKFSolution Solutions Resita, Perform Consulting Center Mehedinţi, II Palade P Ricuta Dubova) in Moldova Nouă – Orşova area.

The association also has expertise in the area of ​​protected areas and carries out activities in partnership with the administration of the protected area “Iron Gates” Natural Park, in which the Danube Gorge area is located. At the same time, the association has partnerships with the schools of Moldova Nouă and with the local authorities.

Other activities

– The Danube Moldova Noua Association has organized an international painting camp to promote the beauty of the Danube Gorge. For three days, artists visited the localities of Saint Helena, Divici, Baziaş, Gârnic, Sicheviţa, went to Nerei Balta, Valea Mare, Ostrov and Danube, saw the monasteries in the area and the Czech Ethnographic Museum in Sopot Nou , witnessed the grinding of corn in an old water mill, enjoyed the famous fish soup, a gastronomic specialty in the Danube Gorge, and spent the rest of the days devoted to the painting.

Participation in national and international tourism fairs:

  • between 2009-2013 – ONGFEST Festivals organized by FDSC
  • March 2011 – TIB-ROMEXPO International Tourism Fair
  • June 2012 – International Tourism Fair Delta & Danube ROMEXPO
    March 2014 – ITB Berlin
  • 2013 – ADMN organizes for the first time the Environment Day in Moldova Noua
  • 2014 – ADMN organizes Danube Day at Moldova Noua
  • February 2015 – Beograd International Tourism Fair
  • February 2019 – Romania’s Tourism Fair


Activities with volunteer students

We waited a year and three months to start today15.05.2021 the activities with the volunteer students from the Technological High School ”Danube Gorge” in Moldova Noua (LTCDMN)! Visiting the art exhibition, greening the tourist routes, training in guiding tourists,...

Tourist packages in the Danube Gorge

Vă așteptăm  cu căldura specifică climatului sub-mediteranean al Clisurii Dunării


Tourist packages 2021 – Danube Gorge in Cafas-Severin


Under the aegis of the European Commission – DG MARE, EUROPEAN MARITIME DAY IN ROMANIA, 2020

A premiere in the Banat Gorge!

The Exhibition with ecological products of the real farmers from the Danube Gorge took place at the Business Center of Moldova Noua on October 3rd, 2020!

The Danube Gorge – a heavenly place

Tourism in the area of the Caras Gorge, soon after the state of emergency was lifted, was saved by the exodus of Romanian tourists who preferred the Gorge for easy to understand reasons – the Pandemic – wild, more isolated places, a heavenly place on earth which is the Danube Gorge!


Invitation addressed to the President of the Tourism Guides Group in Lauffen am Neckar, in view of organising a series of seminars for tourism guides.

Gastronomy in Banat

Among the culinary recipes in the area of ​​Moldova Noua – the Danube Gorge we have soup (zupa) with noodles, cream, dumplings with plums, langos (fried dough) and papanasi (cheese doughnuts), fish dishes, winter holidays or Easter dishes.

Hospitality packages in the Danube Gorge

We are waiting for you with the warmth specific to the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Danube Gorge!

DIGITAL UPGRADE PROJECT – transformation of the Danube Gorge’s hospitality offer

In order to connect to the proposed Strategic Partnership, which has the common purpose of generating a friendlier and more dynamic space for the most diverse projects, collaborations and events, please join the program ”DIGITAL UPGRADE PROJECT”.

Environmental Campaign

Get involved!

Spring Cleanup 2019

March 30, 2019 – the last day in the spring cleanup campaign, a sunny day in the heart and soul for the involvement of ADMN volunteers!

The outdoor tourist information center is the only place where tourists can get information outside of CNPIT MN’s operating hours. Keeping it alive is the duty of those who love the Danube Gorge with its beauties and show much pride in front of the tourists!

Tourist programs

Hiking trail

Balta Nera – Ostrov Moldova Veche

It’s a medium-difficulty route. It requires a special physical training because it is a long trail.

Tourist route

Watermills Valley

It’s a medium-difficulty route. In the limestone area, topography consists of broad hills, branched and karst plateaus.

Landscape and tourist attractions Points:

  • Archaeological site VILLA RUSTICA
  • Village Museum ”GORNEA”


  • Ostrov Moldova Veche
  • St. Ladislau Fortress
  • Grota Haiducească
  • ”Gaura cu Muscă” Cave
  • Turkish Grotto – Gârnic

Tourist attractions in the Danube GOrge

  • Drencova Berzasca Fortress
  • Saint Sava Monastery in Baziaș
  • Gârnic Ethnographic Museum
  • Photo Exhibition ”Bazias of the past” in Baziaș   


Three great days in Banat Gorge


Day 1

Visiting program:

Welcoming tourists in a festive atmosphere

  • Zlatița: visiting Zlatita Monastery
  • Baziaș: visiting Saint Sava Monastery, the museum (photo exhibition) ”Bazias of the past” and the Bird Pond Reserve Nera (willow, little egret, cormorants, gray heron
  • Visiting the Serbian Cutural CentreBelobresca
  • Visiting tourist information center and port from Pojejena
  • Dinner with fishery products specific to the area

Day 2

Visiting program:

  • Bird reserve Ostrovul Moldova Veche Island – tourist trails  
  • Danube cruise at Baba Kaia, Drencova Fortress, Golumbat Castle 
  • Participation in a fish soup contest at Moldova Veche  
  • Visiting naval port from Moldova Veche 
  • Visiting St. Ladislaus Fortress, 13th century and the Cave ”Hole with Flies”

Day 3

Visiting program on the route: Moldova Noua – Padina Matei – Gârnic 

Natural sights: Padina Matei Cave and Outlaws Grotto; Waterfalls on the river Modavita.  
The complex of mills from Gramensca Valley, Great Valley Nature Reserve.
Sichevita: village museum Gornea and mills with cane from Valea Camenitei, archaeological site Villa Rustica;
Festive peasant launch in Czech village of Saint Helena


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