Tourism in the area of the Caras Gorge, soon after the state of emergency was lifted, was saved by the exodus of Romanian tourists who preferred the Gorge for easy to understand reasons – the Pandemic – wild, more isolated places, a heavenly place on earth which is the Danube Gorge!

The Association ADMN made a tour with tourists from Timisoara and two mega-tours with tourists from all over the country in the Caras Gorge. This fall, we hope to succeed, as long as the weather will be kind to us, to organise at least 4 more mega-tours!

Tourists were impressed by the ”Valea Mare” waterfalls, the water mills from Garnic and Sichevita, the island of wild horses, the fortress under reconstruction St. Ladislaus, the Danube at Bazias, the ”Gaura cu Musca” and ”Grota Haiducilor” caves, the Roman castrum Vila Rustica, but also y the local gastronomy, specific for the Danube area (fish dishes), Czech, Serbian and Banat!

Walked well on wild tourist routes and ate well from household products of such diversity of dishes!

We are looking forward to welcome you with the warmth specific to the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Danube Gorge.