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Dunarea Moldova Noua Association (ADMN) wants to expand partnerships with public institutions, NGOs and companies from the European Union in order to implement transnational projects with European added value.

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We are open to any co-operation proposal aimed at promoting and developing the Danube Gorge. 

We are looking forward to innovative proposals:

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The Marketing and Promotion

of the hospitality destination  

Thanks to previous professional experience, the Association has decided to take the initiative to support the creation of a public-private partnership (PPP), designed to constitute – according to the Tourism Law and the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization and of OECD – the Tourism Destination Management Organization (DMO) of the area.

This nonprofit public utility association, created by associating a group of territorial-administrative units (municipalities) with the professional employers’ organizations and other companies operating in those areas, will be the first to ensure a strategic marketing and promotion, measurable  as efficiently, of the entire area, objectives and routes from the gates of the Danube Gorge.

Tourist Attraction points


Invitation to Partnership

In the guided tourist routes organised by the Association a fan-attraction was visiting Ostrov, where there is not only the historical vestige of Attila’s mound, but also a surprising biodiversity. From the wild horses, which is a rarisim brand in itself, to the fauna and flora that have their area between the river bank and Ostrov.

In order to really value Moldova Noua as a resort, the organization militates for an extended Partnership for greening the area first, after which the operations for classification as a tourist resort are to be deployed. 

Saint Ladislaus Fortress – Coronini

The basis for a lasting cross-border co-operation has long been laid on good auspices. With the restoration of the Golubac Fortress near the Djerdap National Park (Serbia), it is a priority to promote the bilateral tourist routes, which will also allow the visiting of St. Ladislau’s Fortress.

In this respect, we are open to launch a Partnership that – following the model of good practices in Serbia – will restore and value the entire area around the Municipality of Moldova Noua.

Tourist routes


Promoters and Experts of Hospitality Destinations

From the very beginning, for the tourist orientation and promotion activities, the Association has trained and collaborated with a group of enthusiastic volunteers and collaborators who strengthened not only the link with the local community, but also granted the opportunity to attract new visitors, especially on the occasion of festivals, fairs or other events organized in the area.

Now, thanks to the Partnership with the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation in Bucharest and the project of the ”Jean Bart” Honorary International Chair in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (CIO-SUERD), founded in partnership with the Romanian Academy (2012), new horizons open for the professionalization of the guides, promoters and experts dedicated to the Moldova Noua hospitality destination and its surroundings.

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