We waited a year and three months to start today15.05.2021 the activities with the volunteer students from the Technological High School ”Danube Gorge” in Moldova Noua (LTCDMN)!

Visiting the art exhibition, greening the tourist routes, training in guiding tourists, informing about tourist attractions and finally a well-deserved pizza with drinks – that was how we ended a day in which volunteers were delighted with the experience, filled with the regret that the day was over, but with a firm desire to return!

We are waiting for you with open arms for a new adventure for learning and knowing the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Danube Gorge in Caras Severin!

The action was organized by the Association Danube Moldova Noua together with the Cit Hall of Moldova Noua, with the support of the Technological High School ”Danube Gorge” in Moldova Noua (LTCDMN), DISCOVER WILD DANUBE and the volunteers – Denis Olteanu with his wife and Ion Anoca!

The whole team was up to the task and the atmosphere was extraordinary and it foreshadows the joy of participating in events of this kind organized by Association Danube Moldova Noua (ADMN)!