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Our story

Since 2010 ”Danube Moldova Noua” Association is a founding member of the Association GAL from the Danube Gorge, together with seven municipalities (Berzasca, Coronini, Girne, Sichevita, Eşelniţa, Dubova, Sviniţa), the ”Iron Gates” Natural Park Administration and other ten NGOs. 

Since 2017, ADMN is a founding member of the FLAG Danube Gorge Caraş-Severin, together with 6 city-halls (Socol, Pojejena, Moldova Nouă, Coronini, Sicheviţa and Berzasca), 4 other NGOs and 10 companies.

The Association has co-operation agreements with UEM Resita, Western University of Timisoara, Caraş-Severin County Council – Tourism Promotion Service, Environment Protection Agency, Ultramarin Tourism Agency Timisoara, etc.

Who we are

Founding members – Board of Directors:

  • Martin Corneliu – President
  • Ţunea Eugen – Vice-president 
  • Ţunea Emilia – Secretary

Projects and partnerships: Cristina Truță – 0744512974, e-mail:

The team of volunteers of the Association consists of students from the Danube Gorge Technological High-School.


What we do

The Danube Moldova Noua Association was founded in order to support the sustainable development of the Danube Gorge, by promoting historical, ecumenical, rural, ecological, adventure, gastronomic, pedestrian, festival, nautical and cruise tourism on the Danube.


Promoting different types of tourism in the Danube Gorge by implementing vrious Danubian projects.


Protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity in the Danube Gorge area.


Cultural-artistic projects involving local and county communities, especially young people.


Promoting the Danube Cluster and the local community of Moldova Noua through public events and festivals.

Together, we can build a future for the next generations!

”Many have passed and will pass through the Danube, but without a unitary strategy of the communities in the Danube Gorge, isolated struggles will maintain the current level of chaotic development

Corneliu Martin, ADMN President


Mission & Objectives

The Moldova Noua Danube Association militates for the development and promotion of tourism and environmental protection in the Danube Gorge.

The objectives of the Association include: protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity and sustainable development of the Danube Gorge area, promoting ecotourism within national and international tourism fairs, educating, informing and raising awareness of the population in emergency situations, and expanding partnerships with public institutions, NGOs and companies in the European Union.


Benefits Packages for Partners and Sponsors


Address: 36/A Mihai Viteazu Str., Moldova Nouă, Caraş Severin county, postal code: 325550

Phone: (+4)0752387568; e-mail: