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”Danubius in-folio” is the electronic publication of the Danube Moldova Noua Association. 

The weekly publication will bring to the attention of the community the most important news about Danubian events, projects and initiatives. 

For press releases, please use the e-mail address: danubiusinfolio@gmail.com.   

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A premiere in the Banat Gorge!

The Exhibition with ecological products of the real farmers from the Danube Gorge took place at the Business Center of Moldova Noua on October 3rd, 2020!

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The Danube Gorge – a heavenly place

Tourism in the area of the Caras Gorge, soon after the state of emergency was lifted, was saved by the exodus of Romanian tourists who preferred the Gorge for easy to understand reasons – the Pandemic – wild, more isolated places, a heavenly place on earth which is the Danube Gorge!

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Invitation addressed to the President of the Tourism Guides Group in Lauffen am Neckar, in view of organising a series of seminars for tourism guides.

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Press Release


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