Where do you spend your holidays? Simple, in the Danube Gorge of Caras-Severin County, this wild, romantic, fabulous land, still less known, from the southwest of the country!

What can be admired here?
Bazias – with the entrance gate of the Danube in the country, Balta Nera – avifauna area and the famous Serbian monasteries from Bazias, Zlatita and Cusici!

Șusca Bay with ornithologist BIRD VIEW, Moldova Noua with the seafront and the old port, Moldova Veche island with the legend of Attila’s tomb and wild horses, Czech villages Garnic, St. Elena, Bigar with culture and traditions for hundreds of years, Gaura cu Musca (Hole with Fly) caves, Outlaw Grotto, Chindiei Hole, medieval fortresses of St. Ladislaus, Drencova, Roman camp Vila Rustica, Baross tabula, St. Helena wind farm, water mills in the Sichevita and Gramensca valleys, Bazias, Zlatita, Gornea monasteries, tour of local producers from Radimna, Pojejena. Garnic, Sichevita, Coronini, Gornea, the magnificent sunset from Bazias, but also the sunrise and sunset from the Locva mountains, the Foal Spring and the God’s Bridge, only off-road! Cultural events of Serbian, Czech and Banat ethnic groups!

Association “Danube” Moldova Noua together with CNIPT Moldova Noua and in partnership with the four pensions Danubio Pension, Gernik Pension, Casa Creta Pension and Balkan Pension are waiting for you with the well-known hospitality so that you spend an unforgettable touristic and gastronomic holiday.

Association “Danube” Moldova Noua and the CNIPT Moldova Noua promote tourist packages in the Bazias-Berzasca area. Tourism in this corner of heaven is opened throughout the year, from January to December 2021!

Tourist packages:
P1 – one night accommodation with breakfast – 150 lei / double room
P2 – two nights accommodation with breakfast – 300 lei / double room
P3 – three nights accommodation with breakfast – 450 lei / double room
P4 – City Break with breakfast – 450 lei / double room

Optionally, you can choose the following services:
– boating, kayaking on the Danube,
– off-road in the Locva Mountains,
– bicycle and ATV rides,
– tastings of organic products at local producers,
– menu of fish dishes, Czech (pemesc) and Banat dishes,
– ferry rides (Baziaș 4) Moldova Veche-Golubat (Serbia) at the opening of customs with Serbia,
– stops at DISCOVER WILD DANUBE Camping.
– walks with the Oravita-Anina oil seal from Banat,
– Cheile Nerei tourist route.

A tourist guide and car transport are provided, on request, on the tourist routes in the area!

For scheduling a stay to be told to grandchildren we are waiting for you at the contact details: info@asociatiadunareamoldovanoua.eu,
0752387568, 0763427579!