We have sent the attached invitation and we are counting on the support of the Chairman of the Guide Group from Lauffen am Neckar (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), in order to organize seminars for the members and volunteers of our association.

The organisation of seminars dedicated to the training of ADMN members and volunteers is essential for the development of the area and it constitutes a premiere in the Danube Gorge.

We will announce in due time the dates of the seminars.

Stay tuned!

To Mr. President KLAUS KOCH
Group of Guides – Lauffen am Neckar 


we are honored to invite you to the Moldova Nouă Business Center, Caraş Severin County – Romania, for the organization of seminars addressed to the members and volunteers of theAssociation Danube Moldova Noua (ADMN)

The period will be sent by e-mail, depending on the relaxation of health safety restrictions!

The organization of these seminars for the members and volunteers of our association is a premiere in the Danube Gorge.

Improving the tourist guides in the Danube Gorge is vital for the development of tourism in this wonderful area!

We are waiting for you with warm hearts, specific of the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Danube Gorge!

Respectfully yours,
President of ADMN
Corneliu Martin