A German person from the Banat, born in Lugoj, Terezia BERGHE, who has been working in Lauffan for 40 years, fell in love with the Danube Gorge!

In 2019, he came with a group of tourists from Lauffan to the Mehedinti Gorge, being impressed by the landscapes of Ciucaru Mare!

He wanted to know Caras Gorge too, so she sent messages to all the UATs in the Danube Gorge, but unfortunately those who praise themselves for their efforts in promoting the tourism in the Danube Gorge did not respond!

The last attempt was with luck at the Association Danube Moldova Nouă (ADMN) where he found the unconditional opening of collaboration!

We managed to make a team with the ADMN volunteers and we launched a new program!

We established the tourist routes for promotion, we went in the field with the future community guides, the ADMN volunteers, in order to be able to expose to the tourists the beauties of the area!

We have enjoyed the option of Mrs. Therezia BERGHE to become a Member of the Association!

We celebrated, for the first time in the Western Region, the International Day of the Travel Guide, on 15-16 February 2020, which was a great success, impressing the guests and tourists attending the event!

We will carry out together with the Tourist Information and Promotion Center of Moldova Nouă and Berzasca a program to visit the natural and cultural heritage of the Danube Gorge, which will be launched on 15 March 2020 and will continue until 30 October 2020!

The promotion of tourism in the Danube Gorge will continue by bringing in organized groups of tourists from Germany!

It is a small step towards the long-awaited explosion of tourism from this corner of heaven and dream of the Danube Gorge!