The Danube Moldova Noua Association has recently organized an international painting camp to promote the beauty of the Danube Clisura.

For three days, artists visited the localities of Saint Helena, Divici, Baziaş, Gârnic, Sicheviţa, went to Nerei Balta, Valea Mare, Ostrov and Danube, saw the monasteries in the area and the Czech Ethnographic Museum in Sopot Nou , witnessed the grinding of corn in an old water mill, enjoyed the famous fish soup, a gastronomic specialty in the Danube Gorge, and spent the rest of the days devoted to the painting.

The paintings made by those participating in this camp will be presented to the public in exhibitions organized in Reşiţa and Timişoara, after which they will be exhibited at the Moldova Nouă Tourist Information and Promotion Center and, on the occasion of various events, at the Moldova Noua House of Culture.