Day 1:

Opening hours:

  • Welcoming tourists in a festive atmosphere
  • Zlatita: visiting Zlatita Monastery
  • Bazias: visiting Bazias Monastery, museum (exhibition) ”Bazias from the past”, Bird Pond Reserve Nera (willow, little egret, cormorants, gray heron)
  • Visiting tourist information center and port from Pojejena
  • Dinner with fishery products specific to the area.


Day 2:

Opening hours:

  • bird reserve Island Ostrovul Moldova Veche-tourist trails
  • Danube cruise at Baba Kaia, Drencova Fortress, Golumbat Castle
  • participation in a fish soup contest at Moldova Veche
  • visiting naval port from Moldova Veche
  • visiting St. Ladislaus Fortress, 13th century and Cave Hole with Flies


Day 3:

Opening hours on the route: Moldova Noua – PadinaMatei – Garnic;

  • Natural sights: Padina Matei Cave and Outlaws Grotto; Waterfalls on the river Modavita
  • the complex of mills from Gramensca Valley, Great Valley Nature Reserve
  • Sichevita: village museum Gornea and mills with cane from Valea Camenitei, archaeological site Villa Rustica;
  • Festive peasant table in Czech village of Saint Helena


More information:

Association Danube Moldova Noua
Mr. Corneliu Martin, President
Mobile:+40 752387568
Centrul de Afaceri,str.M.Viteazu, no.36A
325500 Moldova Noua