At the beginning of the world, there was only light in the Universe, and the heaven was a happy place. Here lived in harmony the Sun – master of Life, Heat and Light, the Moon – ruler of the sky, a cold woman, and thousands of beautiful and graceful stars.

The Prince Sun was a handsome and strong young man, and his beauty charmed the young lady-stars, but especially the Moon. Since the proudest and most voluptuous was the latter, they all believed that she was destined to be the bride of the beautiful Sun.

All day long, the stars read the legends of the Universe, played the harp, sewed the galaxies, played hide-and-seek, only the Moon was always with the Prince. But, unfortunately, his attention was often drawn by an emerald eyes gentle star, who had a unique talent to please his ear with the most magical harp song.

On one of the bright days, there was a party, in honor of the crayon. This was the best time for him to choose his future wife. Thus he invited all the stars in the Universe, but he could not miss lady Moon that yearned with all the heart after the love of the Prince. She chose the most beautiful dress, sewn with silver thread. Her carriage, drawn by two white horses, covered in pearls, was all polished with silver! It was by far the most elegant presence at the party.

But the eyes of the Prince remained focused on the simple charm of the lady-star Danube, his star that made his days happy with the song of her harp.

All the guests were eagerly waiting for the first waltz to start, because the first one with whom the Prince chose to dance would become his bride. When the gong announced the start of the waltz, all the breath was suspended. The moon had already had a translucent smile into the corner of her lips when she saw the Sun approaching her. But the disappointment was great when he saw that the Prince’s hand was heading for the Danube, inviting her to the magic waltz.

The Danube felt her heart leaping with joy, but she joined the Sun, and swore him eternal love.

Miss Moon immediately ran toward her beautiful carrier, but she began to feel how her glow fades and how a cold wave transforms her into a cruel being.

The two fiances as the Moon to be their godmother and the Evening Star to be their godfather. The Moon accepted immediately, and then began to devise a plan for revenge. She called for help from the evil spirits, who advised her to lure the innocent Danube into a trap. Said and done. On the eve of the wedding, the Moon asked the Sun to entrust his future wife, to prepare her for the wedding, with the most beautiful clothes.

Only that, the poor Danube, was carried to the edge of the heaven, from where the moon ruthlessly flung it on the ground, in mountains covered by a frightening black forest. And the Danube crashed so hard into the ground that it turned into a water spring.

Shortly afterwards, good fairies passed through the ground, who saw the water spring, in which they wanted to look to mirror their faces. But as soon as the Danube started talking, she told them everything that had happened to her and asked them to help her see her fiance at least once. The fairies immediately cast a spell, and the spring of water began to flow.

The Moon, which was watching everything that happened, was scared and ordered the trees to bend, so that the Sun, who was desperately looking for the Danube, would not see her. But the good fairies commanded the springs to run toward the Danube, in order for it to gain strength to flow. The moon began to cast huge stones toward the Danube to stop it, but the stones remained in place and turned into mountains. Other springs came to the aid of the Danube, so she took an unimaginable momentum and threw herself into the sea. From there she cried to the Prince, she yelled her love and cursed the Moon.

Realizing that the Moon is to blame for all this tragedy, the Sun turned his face from her and began to run far, far, where it could no longer be reached by the Moon. With the departure of the Light Prince, the darkness was born, which is the Lady Moon. And since then, even today, the Moon has not been able to catch the Sun, but the Sun is reflected daily in the Danube, and it shines in every drop of it.