Main Objectives 




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Promoting tourism

Sports and leisure activities

  • Nautical leisure activities: recreational ride of motor boat on the Danube, water ski, kayak, banana, speedboat;
  • Paintball game; flying fox; Archery bow;
  • Cycling and mountainbike;
  • Horseback riding and carriage rides;
  • Soft-offroad jeep;
  • Mountaineering;
  • Sport fishing;
  • ATV.

Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors

Protecting the environment

Environmental Campaigns

  • “Spring Cleanup” campaign 2019;
  • World Environment Day;
  • Danube Day;
  • Raising awareness and informing the population in the Danube Gorge about environmental issues;
  • Berzasca – active community in the reduction of the causes of climate change;
  • ADMN young volunteers march for the preservation of the environment.  

Cultural and artistic projects and events

  • Participation in national and international fairs:  NGO FEST, International Tourism Fair TIB-ROMEXPO, International Tourism Fair ”Danube & Delta”, International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, International Tourism Fair in Berlin, etc.
  • Annual festive meetings of volunteers and the celebration of 10 years of existence of the Association
  • Mobility week in Moldova Noua

Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Donations and sponsorships:
Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

Packages of Benefits for Sponsors


Projects promoting the Danube Gorge

  • „Eco Turism – a chance” – promotion of four ecotourism routes from Moldova Noua and the surrounding areas;
  • Conference “Opportunities for Regional Development through Transport and Tourism” – redefining the development strategy for the Danube Gorge through an integrated strategy with the Association ”Timișoara – European Capital of Culture 2021”;
  • ”“Ostrov – the health oasis”” – development of tourist routes and stopover areas with the necessary facilities and developing a map of the Ostrov island;
  • Tourist promotion of Moldova Noua

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Environmental Campaign

Spring Cleanup 2019

March 30, 2019 – the last day in the spring cleanup campaign, a sunny day in the heart and soul for the involvement of ADMN volunteers!

The outdoor tourist information center is the only place where tourists can get information outside of CNPIT MN’s operating hours. Keeping it alive is the duty of those who love the Danube Gorge with its beauties and show much pride in front of the tourists!

Tourist programs

Hiking trail

Balta Nera – Ostrov Moldova Veche

It’s a medium-difficulty route. It requires a special physical training because it is a long trail.

Tourist route

Watermills Valley

It’s a medium-difficulty route. In the limestone area, topography consists of broad hills, branched and karst plateaus.

Landscape and tourist attractions Points:

  • Archaeological site VILLA RUSTICA
  • Village Museum ”GORNEA”


  • Ostrov Moldova Veche
  • St. Ladislau Fortress
  • Grota Haiducească
  • ”Gaura cu Muscă” Cave
  • Turkish Grotto – Gârnic

Tourist attractions in the Danube GOrge

  • Drencova Berzasca Fortress
  • Saint Sava Monastery in Baziaș
  • Gârnic Ethnographic Museum
  • Photo Exhibition ”Bazias of the past” in Baziaș   


Three great days in Banat Gorge


Day 1

Visiting program:

Welcoming tourists in a festive atmosphere

  • Zlatița: visiting Zlatita Monastery
  • Baziaș: visiting Saint Sava Monastery, the museum (photo exhibition) ”Bazias of the past” and the Bird Pond Reserve Nera (willow, little egret, cormorants, gray heron
  • Visiting the Serbian Cutural CentreBelobresca
  • Visiting tourist information center and port from Pojejena
  • Dinner with fishery products specific to the area

Day 2

Visiting program:

  • Bird reserve Ostrovul Moldova Veche Island – tourist trails  
  • Danube cruise at Baba Kaia, Drencova Fortress, Golumbat Castle 
  • Participation in a fish soup contest at Moldova Veche  
  • Visiting naval port from Moldova Veche 
  • Visiting St. Ladislaus Fortress, 13th century and the Cave ”Hole with Flies”

Day 3

Visiting program on the route: Moldova Noua – Padina Matei – Gârnic 

Natural sights: Padina Matei Cave and Outlaws Grotto; Waterfalls on the river Modavita.  
The complex of mills from Gramensca Valley, Great Valley Nature Reserve.
Sichevita: village museum Gornea and mills with cane from Valea Camenitei, archaeological site Villa Rustica;
Festive peasant launch in Czech village of Saint Helena


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Donations and sponsorships:

Bank account: RO17BRDE110SV41820601100

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